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Easter Closures

Public Holiday Notice:  The Genesearch office will be closed on the Good Friday and Easter Monday Public Holidays, 30 March-2 April 2018. Customers are advised to place orders prior to 10:30am AEST on Wednesday 28 March. Some orders submitted to us during that period (26 March-6 April) may be delayed by one week. Shipping of orders will re-commence […]


All the Signalling pathways and no WB in sight

The PTMScan® Multi-Pathway Enrichment kit provides a robust method to identify and quantitatively profile >4000 unique sites and >800 key proteins with known functions in a single experiment. Pathway Coverage in the Multi-Pathway Enrichment Kit Includes:   The kit is designed for the screening, discovery, and quantitation of thousands of proteins and phosphorylation sites on hundreds […]


Discover your Phosphoproteome Strategy

Do you want to see how your inhibitor or compound is affecting the rest of your model’s kinome? Where do you invest your time? Would you miss out on anything? The Kinomeview profiling kit allows researchers to globally discover what is going on.   How?   CST made Motif antibodies for this purpose. Instead of […]


The 1st IHC-P approved RabMab to GITR

    GITR is an immune cell co-­ stimulatory receptor expressed constitutively at high levels on CD4+CD25+ T regulatory cells (Tregs), at low levels on naive and memory T cells, and is induced upon T cell activation. GITR ligation has been shown to play a role in CD8+ T cell activation, cytoxicity, and memory T […]



  Antibodies are validated using context dependent models and cell lines. This way, the type of tissue CST tests the antibodies on, will likely be the same as the ones you are using for IHC. The types of validations required differs depending on the antibody’s application. See what CST scientists have to do for each […]


NEW antibodies for cancer immunology

Marked ‘XP’ for eXceptional Performance, these newly released CST antibodies have been rigorously tested for specificity and outstanding results by immunohistochemistry as well as by other applications. CD8-alpha (D4W2Z) XP Rabbit mAb (Mouse specific) TIM-3 (D3M9R) XP Rabbit mAb (Mouse specific) PD-1 (D4W2J) XP Rabbit mAb [pictured]  These antibodies are available in the new trial […]


We’ve been expecting….

  CST has received in the past years, many requests for a smaller antibody size. In response to these requests we are launching a smaller T-size (20μl) antibodies on September 19th, 2016 and discontining our P-size (40μl) antibodies. This change affects both standalone antibodies as well as antibody sampler kits. The T-size antibodies and antibody sample kits […]


Anti- ASC and other new CST antibodies

The ASC antibody is one of the new products from CST this month!  ASC is integral to the formation of inflammasomes. This monoclonal antibody is validated for Western blotting, IP and IF. View other new antibodies from CST here.

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