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Characterize compounds & antibody inhibitors of immune checkpoints with Cisbio HTRF assays

How it works! Cisbio assays contain tagged checkpoint proteins for receptor (Tag1-protein) and ligand (Tag2-ligand). The Tag1-protein and Tag2-ligand are detected by using anti-Tag1-donor (HTRF cryptate donor) and anti-Tag2-acceptor (HTRF XL665 acceptor), respectively. Protein-ligand binding brings the donor and acceptor antibodies into close proximity and triggers fluorescent resonance energy transfer (FRET) measured as HTRF – […]


Fishing for Islets: Insulin detection

Your Islets are precious, try Cisbio’s Ultra Sensitive Insulin Assay One hurdle faced by researchers seeking to quantify insulin is the high number of islets often required per assay. Designed for enhanced sensitivity, this kit is intended for the quantification of insulin in low-concentration samples. The kit is ideal for the detection of basal insulin […]


NEW Cisbio assay for monitoring the BTK pathway

BTK is involved in the B cell receptor and the NF kappa B signalling pathways. It has an important role in primary immunodeficiency, in particularly, X-linked agammaglobulinemia (XLA) disease.  Cisbio’s phospho- and total BTK assays are based on a time-resolved (TR)-FRET sandwich immunoassay format comprising two specific anti-BTK antibodies, one labeled with Eu3+-cryptate (donor) and […]


Phospho- and total p53 assays for monitoring cellular response to DNA damage

More convenient and faster than either ELISA or Western blot, Cisbio assays for the detection of Phospho- and total P53 are: Highly sensitivity: 4-fold > than western blot Easy and fast: Add & mix approach with no washing! Flexible: use frozen lysates or cells in culture Economical: adaptable for 96- to 1536-well plates Read more…


Tag-lite® = investigation of natural ligand orsmall molecule binding to cell surface receptors.

  Tag-lite is highly advantageous for GPCR and RTK investigations, as well as biotherapeutic antibody development. This technology combining HTRF with SNAP-tag®, CLIP-tag® and HaloTag®technologies, offers an alternative to existing cellular bioluminescence resonance energy transfer (BRET) and FRET assays, providing a new targeted way to label your protein of interest. Key features Non-radioactive Homegeneous & filtration-free […]

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