We are raising awareness about the extensive validations Cell Signaling Technology carries out on all their antibodies. This quarter, we’re focusing on IHC products.

Did you know that CST has IHC Antibody Sampler Kits and Multiplex IHC Antibody Panels?

From 1st May-30th July, Genesearch is offering 20% off the following products:


IHC Antibody Sampler Kits

#8109      SignalStain® Proliferation/Apoptosis IHC Sampler Kit

#8107      SignalStain® Akt Pathway IHC Sampler Kit

#8111        SignalStain® Phospho-ErbB Family IHC Sampler Kit



Multiplex IHC Antibody Panels

#78701      PD-L1, FoxP3, CD8α Multiplex IHC Antibody Panel

#65713       PD-L1, CD3ε, CD8α Multiplex IHC Antibody Panel

Being able to visualize multiple targets simultaneously is important in research fields like tumor immunology where it is necessary to catalog subsets of immune and cancer cells within the tumor microenvironment. For example, tumors may evade immune detection by manipulating the expression of immune checkpoint proteins (e.g., PD-1, CTLA-4, TIM-3) to “turn off” activated T cells. Alternatively, T cells may become less effective at destroying tumor cells as they succumb to exhaustion, a phenomenon characterized by changes in immune checkpoint protein expression, T cell expression of VISTA, and the appearance of CD68+ co-infiltrating macrophages. Thus, molecular profiling of immune checkpoint proteins together with immune cell phenotyping is key to understanding the complex tumor microenvironment and to enabling the development of tailored, combinatorial therapeutic intervention.


Learn more about Tyramide-based Fluorescent mIHC here.





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