The PTMScan® Multi-Pathway Enrichment kit provides a robust method to identify and quantitatively profile >4000 unique sites and >800 key proteins with known functions in a single experiment.

Pathway Coverage in the Multi-Pathway Enrichment Kit Includes:


The kit is designed for the screening, discovery, and quantitation of thousands of proteins and phosphorylation sites on hundreds of critical signaling proteins spanning multiple signaling pathways. These include cell cycle and checkpoint control, PI3 Kinase and Akt signaling, MAPK and JNK cascades, T-cell and B-cell receptor signaling, as well as some housekeeping targets. If you’d like to download a list of protein-sites this kit covers, please click here.




How does it work?

Cells are lysed in a urea-containing buffer, cellular proteins are digested by proteases, and the resulting peptides are purified by reversed-phase solid-phase extraction. Peptides are then subjected to immunoaffinity purification usingan array of site-specific antibodies conjugated to protein A beads. Unbound peptides are removed through washing, and the captured PTM-containing peptides are eluted with dilute acid. Reversed-phase purification is performed to separate peptides from antibody prior to concentrating the enriched peptides for LC-MS/MS analysis.


Each peptide can be identified by assigning their sequences post LC-MS/MS to a library of  referenced protein peptides.

Hierarchical clustering of enriched peptides are arranged by relative abundance. Left: each row represents the results of a unique peptide against the tissue type. Right: detailed view of Akt peptides identified and quantified. Data was calculated on a 0 (white, lowest abundance) to 1 (blue, highest abundance) scale.

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