$62 Ligase

The basics shouldn’t chew up your budget.

Restock the lab with these core cloning products from ABclonal, at economical prices.

We’ll let you in on a little secret; they’re this price all year round!!

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Catalog #ProductConcentrationSmallPrice
RK21501T4 DNA Ligase400,000 U/ml16,000 U$62
RK21500T4 DNA Ligase (High Conc.)2,000,000 U/ml80,000 U$227
RK20537Antarctic Phosphatase5,000 U/ml500 U$46
RK20524T4 Polynucleotide Kinase10,000 U/ml250 U$33
RK20539T4 DNA Polymerase 5,000 U/ml200 U$69
RK20526Klenow Fragment 3’→5′ exo-5,000 U/ml1,000 U$69

*Pricing is in AUD for NZD please check our catalog. 10% discount and free shipping applies for orders through eFreezers

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