CST Antibody Sampler Kits

Looking for a convenient means to investigate various phosphorylation events on a protein or to assay multiple nodes within a specific pathway?

Cell Signaling Technology Antibody Sampler Kits include a range of targets to cover key cellular events. Over 270 sampler kits are available that complement research areas including DNA damage, cytoskeletal regulation, and cellular metabolism.

Each Kit contains:

  • 3-9 target-specific antibodies
  • Pre-packaged microsizes (20 ul) of each primary antibody (enabling 2 Western blots per primary antibody) and if relevant the HRP-conjugated secondary secondary

Plus, Antibody Sampler Kits save you $$$ when compared to purchasing each antibody separately (up to 40% !!!)


#10396 Phospho-Akt Isoform Antibody Sampler Kit

#9916 Phospho-Akt Pathway Antibody Sampler Kit

#92570 Apoptosis/Necroptosis Antibody Sampler Kit

#43110 Mitophagy Antibody Sampler Kit

#9964 mTOR Pathway Antibody Sampler Kit

For the complete list visit www.cellsignal.co/samplerkits