Fishing for Islets: Insulin detection

Your Islets are precious, try Cisbio’s Ultra Sensitive Insulin Assay
One hurdle faced by researchers seeking to quantify insulin is the high number of islets often required per assay. Designed for enhanced sensitivity, this kit is intended for the quantification of insulin in low-concentration samples. The kit is ideal for the detection of basal insulin levels and insulin released from mouse pancreatic islets.
Detect Insulin from 5 Islets even after 10 min secretion!
Pancreatic islets were isolated from C57BL_6N male mice. The islets were dispensed into tubes with KRB buffer containing either 2.8 mM or 16.7 mM glucose _5 islets_tube_ 6 tubes_condition_. After 10 minutes or 30 minutes of incubation_ the supernatants_ were collected and the insulin concentrations measured using the HTRF Ultra-sensitive insulin kit reagents.