FAQ e.Freezer and NEB

Q. Why is this happening

A. New England Biolabs have launched their service in Australia from 01/07.2019 as announced here

Q. Can I still use the e.Freezer

A. There is no change, NEB and Genesearch continue to be in partnership to supply your products through the e.Freezer. Simply carry on using the e.Freezer as you normally do, there is no change to the ordering process.

Q. Who do I contact if I have any questions?

A. You can contact Genesearch about using the e.Freezer anytime, if necessary we can refer you to NEB

Q. Who will be sending invoices

A. NEB will invoice you separately for their products and email to the same recipients.

Q. Do I need to establish a purchasing account with NEB

A. No, you continue to use your e.Freezer Smartcard as normal. Genesearch and NEB have made all the arrangements behind the scenes to make this work.

Q. Why do I need to establish a new Open Purchase Order

A. Only if it is the policy of your Institution, otherwise you do not.