PCR Microplates

Our PCR amplification microplates fit standard 96 or 384 well blocks and have clear, consistent, ultra-thin walls for precise thermal transfer for optimum results. PCR microplates can be sealed with strip caps, sealing film, heat sealing or silicone sealing mats and have maximum centrifugal force of 4,000 RCF.

Image (not to scale)Type & DescriptionCompatibilityVolumeFull Well VolumeCode            
96 Well Clear, Low Profile, Flat Top PCR Microplates.
Clear, thin wall well bottom.
Standard Biometra thermal cyclers, Eppendorf MasterCycler qPCR, MJ Opticion/Chromo4 qPCR100 µl210 µlPCR168-052
96 Well Clear, Flat Top PCR Microplates.
Clear, thin wall well bottom.
Standard thermal cycling, BioRad qPCR systems, Stratagene MX-3000200 µl330 µlPCR169-052
96 Well Clear, Half Skirt PCR Plates with a Single NotchStandard thermal sequence cyclers, ABI PCR 2700, 2720, 9700, 9800, 7300, 7500, 7900 and ABI sequencers200 µl340 µlPCR163-052
96 Well Clear, Full Skirt PCR Plates with single corner notch.
Stackable and automation-compatible.
Standard thermal sequence cyclers, Automation friendly.200 µl220 µlPCR160-052
384 Well PCR Microplates.
Notch on A24 side; automation-compatible
Standard thermal cycling, Fully ABI compatible for qPCR and Sequencing
Uniformly applied adhesive provides tight seal on multiwell plates under a wide range of temperatures and reagents.
Use compression mats for best seal during PCR.
50 µl50 µlPCR129-052