Pipette Tips

Our aerosol barrier tips are the highest quality and manufactured to ISO9001, 13485 and 14001 standards, and are ideal for PCR and general lab use.

Compatible with common pipettors and spanning 0.5 to 1,000 μl capacities, all feature:

  • Technologically advanced filter material blocks aerosol contamination while allowing free passage of air.
  • Filter membrane has no leachable additives.
  • Low retention surface improves accuracy and ensures maximum sample recovery.
  • RNase- and DNase-free
  • Nonpyrogenic
  • Human gDNA- and PCR-inhibition-free
  • All come ready to use sterile and racked (96 tips per rack [100 for 1,000 μl tips], 5 racks per pack),
Image (not to scale)TypeRangeCode
10 μL Microvolume0.5–10 μlTIP205-152
10 μl Microvolume, Extended0.5–10 μlTIP226-202
10 μL Ultra Micro0.5–10 μlTIP206-152
20 μl Universal0.5–20 μlTIP203-152
100 μl Universal1–100 μlTIP208-152
200 μl Universal1–200 μlTIP204-152
300 μl Universal1–300 μlTIP212-152
1000 μL Universal (100 per rack)100–1,000 μlTIP201-152