The 1st IHC-P approved RabMab to GITR

Immunohistochemical analysis of paraffin-embedded human colon carcinoma using GITR (D9I9D) Rabbit mAb (IHC Preferred).



GITR is an immune cell co-­ stimulatory receptor expressed constitutively at high levels on CD4+CD25+ T regulatory cells (Tregs), at low levels on naive and memory T cells, and is induced upon T cell activation.
GITR ligation has been shown to play a role in CD8+ T cell activation, cytoxicity, and memory T cell survival. Of note, GITR ligation inhibits Treg suppressive function and promotes effector T cell resistance to Treg suppression.
Due to the combined effects on both Treg suppression and effector cell activation, GITR represents a unique opportunity for immunotherapeutic intervention in cancer.