Float like Penguin, for FREE!


Do you have a scungy floatie in your water bath? Has it seen better days? (Let’s be honest, that floatie probably has more bacteria than the vial of competent cells it is holding up!)


You know that Genesearch has FREE floaties for e.Freezer users right?


We understand that you’re busy at the bench, so we make ordering your life science reagents as easy as possible. This automation also allows us to cut down our costs and pass the savings onto you by giving you 10% discount on NEB and CST products.

If you’re rusty with ordering via your laptop & your smart card, try reserving a FREE floatie for a bit of practise! (Most eFreezers will have them stocked already!)



Here’s how to get your FREE Floatie:

Go to www.genesearch.com.au/catalogue

1)Login with your smartcard details.

2)Type Floatie in the right hand corner search bar.

3)If it has a snowflake under the stock column, it’s already in your e.Freezer!

4)Add to cart.

5)Go to e.Freezer and insert your smart card in. The screen will tell you where the Free Floatie is!