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Save your qPCR results and eye sight.

Did you know you could get better qPCR results and save your eyesight if you use LUNA qPCR master mixes? LUNA qPCR master mixes contains dUTP for carryover prevention and a non-fluorescent, visible dye to monitor reaction setup. This dye does not spectrally overlap fluorophores commonly used for qPCR and will not interfere with real-time […]


NEB’s Monarch kits for RNA is here!

Last year, you asked NEB if an RNA extraction and clean up kit would be in the pipeline, the answer is YES! It’s out now! Quickly and easily purify up to 100 µg of high quality total RNA from multiple sample types – all with one kit! For use with blood, cells and tissues Also […]


Float like Penguin, for FREE!

  Do you have a scungy floatie in your water bath? Has it seen better days? (Let’s be honest, that floatie probably has more bacteria than the vial of competent cells it is holding up!)   You know that Genesearch has FREE floaties for e.Freezer users right?   We understand that you’re busy at the […]

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