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The e•Freezer is an automated biochemical product delivery system developed by Genesearch.  It provides all the convenience of on-site freezer access, without any of the accounting and stocking problems normally associated with these systems.  

Scientists use a smartcard to gain access to the system, which allows them to purchase items stored in the freezer and order items not currently stocked, even ones that can’t be put in the freezer. Stock levels are continually adjusted according to local and national buying patterns. 

The e.Freezer is connected to the Internet, providing rapid information transfer for ordering and supply. Because of its fully automated delivery, accounting features and Smartcard access, the e.Freezer enables access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for users, yet complete accounting information for purchasing departments and rigorous stock control for suppliers, without substantial administrative overheads.

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Benefits for Scientists

Did we mention free shipping and 10% discount on non-specialist reagents

Research is a fast-moving field. Why wait days for delivery of the reagents you need if you don’t have to?

The e.Freezer is an innovative reagent delivery system that gives researchers immediate access to commonly used reagents plus the ability to order any of our range directly, economically and without administrative overheads.

Benefits for Administrators

e.Freezer overcomes ALL the administrative problems associated with traditional manual freezer programs

  The eFreezer uses electronic data transfer, remote communications, monthly electronic PDF invoicing & fully automated stock control to completely eliminate the need for any paperwork!  

Scientists benefit from the rapid delivery and convenience. Administrators benefit from lower administrative costs, accurate records, better budget control and consolidated invoicing.

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Benefits for Scientists


  • Easy to use, with a point-and-click interface
  • 10% off non-specialist reagent products through the e.freezer (some exceptions may apply)!
  • Free shipping on all orders!
  • Each smartcard can have up to 10 users – each user is then advised directly via email when any ordered items are available for collection
  • Optional and independent expiry dates and spending limits. For example, the head of the lab can have an unlimited budget/expiry date, while students can have restricted budget limits with ordering permission set to expire when they are due to finish.
  • Powerful search and filtering capabilities by supplier, product category, what’s in stock and product search.
  • e•Freezers are ideally situated in locations with 24-hour access, 7 days a week
  • No administration or record-keeping required: just buy the product and take it away!
  • If an item isn’t in stock, you can order it for delivery to the e•Freezer & generally it will arrive the next day, or within 10 days for non-stock items
  • Instant email notification as soon as ordered items arrive at the e•Freezer
  • All our catalog items can be ordered through the e•Freezer system even if they are non-freezer items
  • You can order over the web as if you were at your e.Freezer

Benefits for Administrators


  • Cards and users (up to 10 users per card) can have independent expiry dates and spending limits.
  • Spending limits can be set so they cannot be refreshed without proper authorisation, or made auto-refreshing so that monthly, quarterly, daily etc spending limits can be enforced – with no administration required to refresh the limit for the next period.
  • Combined invoices are sent at the end of the month, reconciled with transaction records itemised by department, card and user.
  • Optionally, the card contact person can be emailed with their card’s transaction details for confirmation that the purchases were made.

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