ABflo™ flow cytometry antibodies

We are pleased to announce the release of our new ABflo™ flow cytometry antibodies, featuring:

  • Offered in a variety of fluorescence labeling systems, encompassing proprietary ABflo™ fluorochrome conjugates as well as classic fluorochrome conjugates.
  • Provided in both unconjugated and classic clone flow cytometry formats, extending their versatility and potential applications.
  • Reactivity towards multiple species, including Human, Mouse, Pig, Dog, Cat, and Monkey, allowing for comprehensive coverage of various targets such as TBNK core targets, hematopoietic stem cell targets, conventional flow cytometry targets, and small molecules.

This broad range of capabilities ensures the fulfilment of diverse requirements across various usage scenarios.


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Why Try ABflo™ Series Fluorescent Dyes?


  • High fluorescence intensity for better detection and discrimination of weakly expressing cell populations.

  • Wide pH tolerance range for stable fluorescence across a broad pH range.

  • High stability: minimal decay in luminescence stability enables long-term acquisition and analysis of high-quality fluorescence data.

  • Broad instrument compatibility: good spectral compatibility with common flow cytometry analysis and sorting devices ensures reliable data.

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