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From now until the end of this year, enjoy spectacular savings on these hot selling qPCR and RT-qPCR mixes and kits. Just order online or through your e.freezer to automatically receive these special prices! 2X Universal SYBR Green Fast qPCR Mix RK21203-1              1 ml          $40 […]

Immunofluorescence AB 2023

Do you use antibodies in immunofluorescence (IF) applications, whether your research is in cell biology, developmental biology, neuroscience, immunology, cancer, stem cells or something else? Then why not take advantage of our IF It’s Spring special: 10% off our already low prices for antibodies qualified for Immunofluorescence (IF/ICC)? Balance your budget without compromising on quality! There […]

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Make your research dollars work harder. Investigate your pathway economically with 3 packs of 20ul packs of antibodies for $198. With over 20,000 rabbit polyclonal & monoclonal antibodies, ABClonal has something for every project. Use the code ABC198 at checkout or when asking for a quote. Need help selecting an antibody for your target? Click the button below to tell us […]

$62 Ligase

Don’t pay more than you have to. All our popular DNA modification enzymes are under $100!

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